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Are you thinking of buying a new 4bhk Flat in Gurgaon? Indeed it is a fine judgment on your part as the region has become eye candy for the property purchasers. In the locations such as the Dwarka Expressway, you will find the finest apartments within your budget. It can be a perfect opportunity for you and your family to lead a satisfactory life right here. However, you should also follow the vastu tips to live in the new apartment.

Kid’s Room Vastu in the New Apartment

A new apartment means starting the family life in a new way, and the role of vastu is significant here. A kid’s room is synonymous with fun, frolic, joy, and recreation. It is the place where your little bundles of joy spend time, play with their mates, and give wings to their imagination. Hence, you would want it to be filled with positive energy and a good vibe. You can instill energy and positive vibes in your vibrant kid’s room by planning it in compliance with vastu.

Here are the Vastu Tips for your kid’s room in the 4bhk Flat in Gurgaon:

The Location of the Kid’s Room in the House:

If you’re constructing a new house from scratch, the kids’ room should face west. You’ll have peace of mind if you follow this advice. The bed does not have to be placed in front of the room’s entrance door. Ensure your youngster faces the west or the sun while sleeping. A couch or sofa may also be positioned in the southwest corner for extra furnishings.

  1. Location of the Cabinets

Closets or cabinets should indeed be oriented toward the south or west. Computers should face north, while televisions should face south-east.

  1. Table for Study

Place the study table in your kid’s room so that it may be seen from the north or east. This will help them achieve their goals, and they will work hard to achieve them.

  1. A Picture Holder

Your kid’s room should always include a picture frame in the West direction. Putting a picture at this position is considered lucky in vastu, and the youngster will be delighted.

  1. The Right Color for Your Kid’s Room

In the Apartments in Gurgaon, make sure the colors you choose for your kid’s room are ones that will make him happy and confident in himself. The color green is often considered to be the best choice for a kid’s room. New beginnings, serenity, and progress are all represented by the color green. Those who wear this color are supposed to sharpen their minds and keep their minds feeling fresh.

  1. Keep the Mirrors Away

No part of your kid’s body should be visible in the mirror while sleeping. Therefore keep it far away from the bed. It’s a good idea to put the mirror in the closet, behind the door, or on a blank wall.

Maintain Vastu in the Luxury Apartments in Dwarka Expressway

While buying the best luxury apartment in Gurgaon, the above-mentioned vastu tips can really be helpful for your family and kids, in particular. The Krisumi Waterfall Residences is constructed according to the vastu so that the residences can lead happy and satisfying life. Your considerate steps in arranging your kid’s room there, as well as your own, will be perfect for a joyful beginning of an ideal life ahead.

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