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False Ceilings

Commonly known as the fifth wall in a room, false ceiling designs have been silent in the market for quite some time.  Now, with all new patterns, finishes, technology and illusions, it looks like to make a comeback. In simple terms, a false ceiling is a false plane made of alternative materials fitted to the original ceiling, hanging right below the ceiling, usually suspended by wooden or metal frames. They are highly versatile, fitting homes of every shape and size.

Let us first see the kinds of false ceiling materials.

Gypsum - Gypsum is a byproduct of calcium, prevalent in the construction of lightweight ceilings. It usually comes in boards that are suspended from the ceiling with iron or wooden frameworks, finished with a dash of colour. Plaster of Paris - This material is easy to shape and source. Known to be pretty long-lasting and well-insulated, this is perfect for our variable Indian weather conditions. Wooden - People prefer the natural grain and texture of wood. So, wooden false ceiling has found its way to become the fifth wall of many houses. Being a tad on the higher price side, one will find it more across residential projects rather than large-scale commercial projects.

Now, let us evaluate which ceiling design to go for, both classic and the trendy false ceiling choices:

Single-layered - This type of ceiling is a sure shot way to jazz up a room with a single layer of ceiling structure. You can choose to leave it white or if you like to go creative, you can choose from a variety of colours, shapes, textures and lighting options to make all the eyes go upwards. Multi-layered - Layers are a great way to experiment with any medium to create a completely personalised ceiling. In larger rooms of a 3bhk Flat in Gurgaon, a multi-layered ceiling becomes the focal point and creates drama with the touch of grandeur. Such multilayered ceilings open up new avenues for lighting, colour and shape-based experiments, giving you an extra edge to flex your creative muscles. Plus-Minus POP - Constructed completely out of POP, the plus-minus ceiling design is where the elements protrude out of a regular false ceiling or are tucked into it. This trend revolves around space geometry. Coffered - Coffers are sunken square or boxy panels that are flexed into a ceiling. It brings an immediate dramatic appeal into a space. It also creates the illusion of higher ceiling height and multiple dimensions within one room. They are also great for unique lighting opportunities. Talking about false ceilings, they come with their own set of pros and cons just like any other choice.
Here are our top choices that will help you take a decision to make false ceilings.
Great Acoustics - Adding a second layer to the original ceiling creates better acoustics within living rooms, home theatres and AV rooms where movie-watching or listening to music becomes an indulging experience. Hides Wires - No one likes the red-blue-black wires crisscrossing a beautiful ceiling design. In addition, it takes care of illumination without the need for additional fixtures and wiring. Insulates Rooms - The additional layer creates a gap between itself and the original layer, which traps air, creates a vacuum and maintains the room temperature. If you are looking for the best of amenities in a residential apartment, then come home to Krisumi Apartments in Gurgaon. You will never ever regret it.