Project Progress- Waterfall Residencies

Legends Tower C Tower B Tower A
Structure Completed Completed Completed
Blockwork Completed Completed Completed
Gypsum Completed Completed Completed
IPS Flooring 21st Floor Completed, 22nd Floor in Progress 23rd Floor Completed, 24th Floor in Progress Completed
"Flat Tiling (Toilet & Kitchen)" Upto 19th Floor All Toilet & Kitchen Completed, 20th in Progress Upto 10th Floor Completed in Toilets, 11th Floor in Progress All Toilet & Kitchen upto 10th Floor completed, 11th Floor in Progress
SS Railing (Except Glass Fixing) 14th Floor Completed 15th Floor in Progress 23rd Floor Completed 24th Floor in Progress 19th Floor Completed 20th Floor in Progress
Plumbing Services 30h Floor Completed, 31st Floor in Progress 25th Floor Completed, 26th Floor in progress 22nd Floor Completed, 23rd Floor in progress
33rd Floor Completed, 34th Floor in Progress Completed 23rd Floor completed, 24th Floor in Progress
HVAC Services 27th Floor Completed, 28th Floor in Progress 25th Floor Completed 26th Floor in Progress 22nd Floor Completed 23rd Floor in Progress


Legends Basement
VDF Flooring 90%
Wall Paint 80%
Ceiling Paint 80%
Ventilation Ducting 75%


Refreshment Area 95%
Children Play Area 70%
Banquet and GF kitchen area 55%
GYM Area 75%
Yoga Area 80%
Male SPA Area & Saloon area 75%
Female SPA and corridor Area. 80%
Entrance Lobby 40%
Lift Lobby 30%
Public Toilet (GF) 70%
Restaurent & Bar Area (1st Floor) 45%

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