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Waterfall Residences apartments at Prime Location in Gurugram

When it comes to buying a home, the word “Location” comes to play as an important factor that cannot be overlooked. As essential it is for buyers to choose the perfect location for their homes, it should tick with some of the most sought after demands such as providing great views along with being centrally located within the city/township. After all, many families often invest their decades of savings in buying a home.

Much like the value of a stock, the value of a home on the market tends to fluctuate in relation to numerous things. The value of the home rises and falls with the value of the properties around it and the commercial or recreational activities that develop nearby. There are many factors that can influence the value of a home, but the surrounding area is the most influential.

The Location Sector 36A, Gurugram

Situated at the confluence of Dwarka Expressway (NPR) which leads to IGI airport and the National Highway – 8. The latter highway is the most important roadway connecting Delhi and Gurugram, and extending all the way till Mumbai via Jaipur[Office3] . At the confluence of these two highways is the arterial road of Gurugram city, the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR).

Northern Peripheral Road (NPR) or Dwarka Expressway is a well-known and preferred locality for real estate investors. One important factor to consider when you are buying a home is the return you will eventually get on your investment. An eight-lane superhighway connecting Dwarka with Gurugram makes for a good residential area, particularly for commuters.

Krisumi Corporation has chosen this location, [Office4] the confluence of these three highways for the construction of Waterfall Residences. The location is ideal from the perspective of a making a profitable real-estate investment, and the assessment is based on the string of developmental plans for the neighborhood.

What Makes Waterfall Residences location Desirable

Greenery – Homes situated close to parks tend to hold their value. Waterfall Residences is flanked by 220 acres of Green Zone and 50 metres of Green Belt. The location provides sought-after views of the greenbelt and the adjacent green zone.

Entertainment – Exclusivity of the new upcoming Global City of Gurugram will provide an enduring value to the residents of Waterfall Residences. The proximity of shopping centres, malls, entertainment districts along with other utilities such as theatres will definitely add-up the desirability of the location.

Employment – Another very important parameter for homebuyers is the proximity of office and commercial areas. Locations that shorten travel time are often more desirable. Waterfall Residences is spread between two commercial zones and around half-hours from DLF Cyber City and other prominent areas of Gurugram city.

Overall – Neighborhoods that stand the test of time, that have seen a lot of investment and have been the centre of government activity are more likely to attract buyers.

Homebuyers in search of stability in value need not be worried about the offerings from the location of Waterfall Residences. With plenty of upcoming malls, cinemas, schools, and hospitals to take care of all your immediate needs, homeowners definitely don’t need to venture any further than this.

The word “Location” is repeated because it is the most important aspect when the value of a home and property is assessed.  Located in Sector 36A at the confluence of the widest roads of Gurugram, Waterfall Residences offers unparalleled connectivity to Delhi and Gurugram without ever having to navigate clogged internal roads ever again. Visit the sales lounge in Sec – 36A, 1.8kms off NH8, for a taste of the simply sophisticated yet relaxing living experience.

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