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Holistic living for your family with exclusive access to world-class amenities at Waterfall Residences

The apartment you live in isn’t only where you spend most of your down time; it is also an important part of your image. At Waterfall Residences, our goal is to provide you with the best luxury living space that you love and can be proud to share with your friends and guests. The perks doesn’t stop here, read on for more benefits and design that we have inculcated in developing Waterfall Residences. 

In its endeavour to provide progressive living spaces for all inhabitants, Krisumi Corporation features numerous high-end amenities at its maiden real-estate project of Waterfall Residences. Located in Sector 36A, 1.8 kms off NH8, Gurugram, Waterfall Residences is conceptualized with the Japanese concept of TAKI which represents the primary life force, water in its unrestricted and unhindered mode. It is a truly integrated project with thoughtfully planned amenities that cater to people of all age groups. 

Green Living at Waterfall Residences (KAIYUUSEI)

The project is spread over five acres and features an exceptional array of greenery including remarkable species of trees, stroll gardens as well as dry gardens, and acres of green zone flanking the campus. Waterfall Residences have been designed based on the Japanese style of art and architecture for providing enduring value to the residents.

It integrates the value of Kaiyuusei or Japanese Stroll Garden to highlight natural landscaping elements while avoiding artificial ornamentation. The Terrace Garden and the Pool Area are the highlights of an urban-lifestyle in harmony with nature fostered by Japanese landscaping elements.

The Play of Light and Shadow

Waterfall Residences features an exclusive 36,000 sq. ft. of Clubhouse which is designed perfectly for community living. It integrates the value of Hikari and Kage (Light and Shadow). This concept has been utilized to depict the idioms of “keeping the focus on what is important” and “revealing everything in due time.” The use of wooden louvers and sudare in the tower lobbies and clubhouse creates an attractive mix of light and shadow which apart from its aesthetic appeal also keeps the temperature cool.

The areas also include Café, Banquet, clubhouse lobby, tower A&B lobby, clubhouse drop off, tower C lobby.

The Blend of Indoor and Outdoor

The Alfresco dining overlooking the pool area provides an extravagant eating experience for the entire family. It integrates the value of Engawa which literally translates as the edge of a building that connects the interior with the exterior. The idea behind this design element is to seamlessly blend the interior architecture with the landscaping outside, thus merging the structures with surrounding nature. It creates a space for the residents to have a spontaneous conversation or enjoy the weather.

The areas also include a restaurant and bar lounge.

Safety and security

When it comes to safety, everyone wants the best security there is for their homes. Therefore Waterfall Residences comes with a 3 perimeter security system. It integrates the value of Anzen which means safety. Careful thought and deliberation has gone into designing a three-tiered security system to enhance the sense of safety for the residents.

Stroll Garden

The project boasts of multi-purpose halls for various indoor and outdoor games. A lavish tennis court, squash court, jogging and walking tracks, and other amenities that promote fitness and healthy lifestyle. It is with the concept of Kaiyuusei that brings the aesthetic appeal to these locations. To highlight the natural landscaping elements while avoiding artificial ornamentation. Scattered throughout the development, these stroll gardens have been designed to provide pure harmony with nature in its truest form.

While most of the upcoming residential projects in the country are concentrating on amenities that can bring people together, Krisumi Corporation has gone a step-ahead with infrastructure that advocates a healthy, fulfilling and active lifestyle at Waterfall Residences. 

There are various more concepts which have been integrated into the Waterfall Residences such as Tahi (Contrast), Kekkai (Transition) and Tsuboniwa (Small Garden). To know more about these concepts and it’s integration to the Waterfall Residences, visit our sales lounge for a taste of urban-living in harmony with nature and Japanese Architecture.

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